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SIGNAL TO NOISE: Beyond Search

Recently I got a new pair of trifocals. The optometrist made a strong correction for the astigmatism I have in my right eye. By the end of the first day of wearing them I noticed that the lens for long … Continue reading

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Wired In – Wireless Out

  So now you have all the tools and tricks to travel the digital highways: A blog, accounts with Twitter, LinkedIn,Quora, Facebook and humorous others, RSS feeds, Creative Commons licences, Google Chrome loaded with every feature, Firefox for backup, mindmaps, … Continue reading

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Take the pill that makes you smaller Alice – Focus is the new digital survival skill

As we make the transition to the Web as our new media, focus and attention agility are the new survival skills according to Howard Rheingold. For all things Howard, start here with Crap Detection 101: and follow the yellow linked … Continue reading

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