Heart to Heart: A Valentine from the WEB

As we are body, mind and soul it is fascinating to watch the NET evolve to interact with us in the same fashion. Primarily I see and use technology as a servant. What can it do for me? How can it free up some more time for me? How can it help accelerate and empower some of my earthly endeavors?

Now, with Kinect there is bodily interaction. There’s always been mind interaction as it connects me people on the other side of my screen, and most recently it has been developing a heart. Most recently seen in Cairo. Even with all the Internet blocks that Mumbarak put up, people with hearts, like Googlers and Twitters, were able to use the existing frameworks to establish work-arounds so that those folks fighting for their freedom could communicate with the rest of the world. And that’s soul to soul.

Our servant technology is rapidly becoming our friend. Think about that. It’s our Valentine Card for the Digital Era:

Dear Humanity, I Love You.


About nukem777

Happily retired grandpa, interested in Digital Culture, PLN's, and a citizen of the world. Co-host of Inkwell.vue @TheWell
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