Bin Laden been sodden! From the grave to the cradle.

Finally! And it only took 10 years. In this day of digital tech it just seems amazing that it took this long….Here’s a guy who has been trying to screw us since before 1993 and most definitely since then with his group’s first attack on the World Trade Center. Well, happy day, anyway.

So what’s to learn from all of this? There is a way to be off the grid. It’s not so simple as it seems…spy satellites, drones, microphones, robots, all the tools of the cyberwarrior/spy/tech trade fall short when you remain face to face and off the grid. That’s the downside for those in the fighting terrorism trade….but for the rest of us, there is an upside….face to face, that old-school pre-digital way of socializing is still the most effective and probably only way to nurture and sustain human relationships…

Sure, the social media are great for casual and quick hook-ups, finding lost friends, making new ones, and probably the biggest weapon of “mass distraction”. But when it comes down to good old human interaction, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Here’s wishing you a great day in meatspace….it’s the only space you really occupy…so why not come back and give it a whirl?

Now, I like to read tomorrow’s headline: Gaddafi dead, on to the next rat.


About nukem777

Happily retired grandpa, interested in Digital Culture, PLN's, and a citizen of the world. Co-host of Inkwell.vue @TheWell
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