REALITY, Reality, reality


As Alice said to Humpty Dumpty after he replied “Glory!”,

“Why, whatever do you mean by that?”

Reality — wouldn’t even go there trying to define it. All I know is, all charged up and ready to go, and left to your own devices, have entirely new meanings now. But I can tell you that whatever your working paradigm is for the time and space you are sailing thru, it is all about to radically change in the coming year.

AR/VR/MR  Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, all coming to a headspace near you. SOON!

Google Googles, Occulus Rift, Magic Leap, the list just goes on and on, and  are all moving from the labs and techno-framing dungeons to a store shelf and digital click this coming year. The frenzy in the gaming part of cyberspace is sheer ecstasy. Doctors and medical institutions are already integrating it into their everyday work. The porn industry, ever the leader in all things tech, will be bringing it all to you in live, 360, pretty much any way you want it reality. And 3rd party trackers, stackers, and media attackers will be bludgeoning you to death with it. As Country Joe might say: “Whoopee, we’re all gonna die!”

And there is a mediated sense in which this is true. WE ALL are about to change. (S)he, (They) who’s not busy being born, is busy dying. Welcome to the new world, same as the old world. Appropos of the Who’s anthem of daze gone past, WHO ARE YOU? is gonna be the angst and gestalt we will all be working with next year. Cue Dead Man’s Party for tonight’s New Year’s Eve party.

Hence the previous two posts, as breadcrumbs to get you to follow me to your new home in cyberspace. There are virtually (pun) no limits to what you are going to be able to do in this new space. The question is what is it going to do to you? And, don’t listen to the pundits, even me. Nobody really knows,    ,   YET. (See next year’s blog post on 12/31/16)

Blended/Mixed/Hybrid Reality will be offering you such things as a mediated walk thru your favorite art gallery. Can’t get there from here, oh yes you can. Take the virtual tour right now. Wanna go to Rome just click. Wanna go to ancient Rome? You’re only just a shot away, sorry, old headspace, you’re only just  a click away. Or, you can go to the holodeck, any virtual reality of your own choosing, or making. And, you can do it with your friends, or new friends, OR friends you can’t see and don’t know are there.

And that’s going to be one of the problems of mediated cyberspace. You think you need AdBlockers now! You’re gonna need headspace blockers by June.

Cory Doctorow has many good things to say about this and you can thank your lucky stars he’s on your (our) side, working tirelessly on your (our) behalves, at EFF

You think there are weapons of mass distraction now, wait til everyone’s got their googles on, apped themselves to the nether regions of cyberspace, gone virtually crazy man, just crazy. “Dude have you see this, have you been here, yet?”

And guess who’s waiting for you. The stackers, the hackers, the trackers, the attackers.They are already there, just waiting to tag and bag you. No problem, same as it ever was, keep your feets on the ground, your head in the NOW, and your hearts attached to your loved ones. We’ll be bumped and buffetted by all the likes we’ve ever made on FB, all the G+1’s, tweets, retweets, Every pic we’ve ever posted anywhere or stored in a cloud, all our music, on and on. No biggie, it’s all gonna be amped up. But I know you got the skillz. And if you don’t have the chops yet, there’s a whole host of folks and site, and I’m sure incoming apps to help you enjoy the ride. Here’s one of them, meet my friend Bryan, he’ll get you oriented. ALL ABOARD!

Like anything, you have to take the good with the bad. Here’s some of the good.

Enjoy your evenings tonite, great Holiday cheer and love to you all. It’s a New World coming tomorrow and you need to be Brave. Water’s fine, tho, jump on in.

Learned a new word this week: Pronoia. Click it out.

Peace, love and all that the Universe has to offer you. Synchronously, serendipitously yours.



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