Here’s what’s coming, SOON. A future mediated by A.I., VR, MR, and AR and taking place in your headspace. Ah, spaces…we live in four now:

  • Cyberspace, where its just information, not “real”
  • Outer Space, outside our heads, to Infinity and Beyond!
  • Inner Space, with heightened spiritual awareness being important
  • RealSpace, which only live beings with all their senses can engage

We have a couple of years yet to get ‘fractally‘ comfortable before A.I. starts mediating the spaces around us, but it’s gonna happen. And it is going to change EVERYTHINK!

Adjacent spaces:

“The adjacent possible is all those things—ideas, words, songs, molecules, genomes, technologies and so on—that are one step away from what actually exists. It connects the actual realization of a particular phenomenon and the space of unexplored possibilities.”

Future Frequencies:

“The book is broken down into six chapters that follow a unique futures studies process: FutureFraming, FuturePulsing, FutureMapping, FutureScaping, FutureTuning, and FutureFabbing.

Future Frequencies is an in-depth examination of the six-stage futures studies process that author Derek Woodgate and his colleague, Wayne Pethrick, have developed. Derek, a futurist, is a longtime admirer and student of and writer about progressive culture. Future Frequencies demonstrates how innovative approaches in progressive culture can stimulate revolutionary thinking in each stage of the futures studies process.” (Amazon book blurb).

SO, it is no longer THE truth, but A truth…no longer Realities, but realities…and yours probably will not look like mine. BUT, we can share via the several medias that will converge on our headspaces – that’s where VR, AR and MR come in…Real space, which all the constant ‘screening’ has caused so many to forget will take on importance once again.

Once we are all done getting over our new revised headspaces,with all these gizmos, and settle on our preferred devices, we can get on back to being Real. Except there won’t be a shared Real, only your real and my real and some agreed upon space to share our realities.

Comfy now? Cuz now we’re going to add the realities our A.I.s will be creating – in their languages, and, so we are told, possible consciousnesses (not like ours, thankfully). And this is where is gets fractal:

“As Microsoft’s Chris Bishop says, software engineering is moving from handcrafted code based on logic to machine learning models based on probability and uncertainty. Companies like Google and Facebook are beginning to retrain their engineers in this new way of thinking. Eventually, the rest of the computing world will follow suit.”

Too much fun!

So, the FUTURE === it’s adjacent, it’s fractal, it’s many frequencies converging on a particular point – You!

Whoopie, we’re all gonna die.

Keep on truckin’.


About nukem777

Happily retired grandpa, interested in Digital Culture, PLN's, and a citizen of the world. Co-host of Inkwell.vue @TheWell
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