• Cyberspace, where it’s just information, not “real”
  • Outer Space, outside our heads, to Infinity and Beyond!
  • Inner Space, with heightened spiritual awareness being important
  • RealSpace, which only live beings with all their senses can engage

The common illusion is that we live in all four of these spaces simultaneously. And for Millenials, it must seem that way, as they are rarely out of the screen and generally multi-tasking among several devices.

If we were to Venn Diagram these spaces, we would quickly see there is very little in common among them, and each has their own Venn Diagram as well. I’ll let you map that for yourselves.

Real and Inner Space are where we Baby Boomers have matured – with a high degree of involvements in Outer Space. That is certainly no longer the case for the younger generations, nor even for ourselves, as Boomers. A lot of studies are being done here, and the general consensus is that we have gotten away from our ‘selves’. I think it is fair to say that for much of our time and space we don’t know what to do with our selves. Take a digital sabbatical, a weekend away from your devices, to see what I mean. We wake up in our own heads, we go to sleep in our own heads, but too much of our days are spent with digital distractions.

Digital addiction is now a recognized illness. And I think the lack of ‘self’ awareness is fast becoming an illness, in the sense of “dis-ease”.

Complexity theory has a lot to say about these four spaces and their interactions. My first take-away is that it is unique for each of us and dynamic. We are ever-changing beings, either being born or busy dying. Evolutionary consciousness, along with co-intelligence, involves itself with the impact of our ‘overlaps’, staying with the Venn diagram analogy.

And it is the overlaps where effective collaboration must, an only, can take place. So, at the outset, mapping is critical to any practical endeavors. I’m not sure much is being done with respect to mapping all four spaces as yet. Maybe you’ll be one of them.

That’s my scouting report for now…pleasant adventures.


About nukem777

Happily retired grandpa, interested in Digital Culture, PLN's, and a citizen of the world. Co-host of Inkwell.vue @TheWell
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