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Mixed Reality – Meditations of the Toolshed – Musings

Just discovered Lucas Rizzotto, yikes what a mind…follow this kid…
The Next 5 years

1) Hands will be standard VR/MR Contollers
2) Eye Tracking Will Be Central to th Medium
3) Physical Objects Will Be a Key Part of VR/MR Experiences and Brands
4) A.I. Will Bring Conversational UI into VR/MR
5) Untethered MR Devices Will Slim Down & Finally Reach the Consumer Market

Virtual Reality, Augmented Virtuality, Mixed Reality … If you are here, there’s a chance you’ve heard those terms and many more to describe differences in immersive media. This is mostly a symptom of a new medium trying to figure itself out and the underlying struggle to understand the characteristics that truly set it apart.
But upon close inspection of today’s landscape and what’s coming next, one could say that the technology and design approaches in VR/MR are bound to become increasingly similar until the point they become a singular medium — and you can see symptoms of this shift today.

New VR devices like Intel’s Project Alloy employ some MR features that allow you to see your immediate surroundings with smart use of sensors and cameras. Microsoft’s new VR/MR hybrids allow you to seamlessly switch between both modes with the press of a button, all in the same device. And while the HoloLens has a limited Field of View right now, the HoloTour VR-like demo is living proof that MR can fully block out the world around you if it so desires. VR devices that can do MR and MR devices that can do VR — the collision course has never been more imminent.
VR+MR already share the same development tools, and soon the design and interaction language of both will be pretty much identical (specially as hand tracking becomes the norm). Future immersive experiences won’t live in separate mediums or under distinct labels, but rather on a spectrum — experiences with few virtual elements imposed on your real world fall to the left, and experiences that replace most (or all) of your environment fall to the right.

Also discovered a musing by C.S. Lewis Meditations in the Toolshed:
In other words, you can step outside one
experience only by stepping inside another.
Therefore, if all inside experiences are misleading,
we are always misled. The cerebral physiologist
may say, if he chooses, that the mathematician’s
thought is “only” tiny physical movements of the
grey matter. But then what about the cerebral
physiologist’s own thought at that very moment?
A second physiologist, looking at it, could
pronounce it also to be only tiny physical
movements in the first physiologist’s skull. Where
is the rot to end?
The answer is that we must never allow the rot
to begin. We must, on pain of idiocy, deny from
the very outset the idea that looking at is, by its
own nature, intrinsically truer or better than
looking along. One must look both along and at
everything. In particular cases we shall find reason
for regarding the one or the other vision as inferior.
Thus the inside vision of rational thinking must be
truer than the outside vision which sees only
movements of the grey matter; for if the outside
vision were the correct one all thought (including
this thought itself) would be valueless, and this is
self-contradictory. You cannot have a proof that
no proofs matter. On the other hand, the inside
vision of the savage’s dance to Nyonga may be
found deceptive because we find reason to believe
that crops and babies are not really affected by it.
In fact, we must take each case on its merits. But
we must start with no prejudice for or against
either kind of looking.

Which leads me to Husserl’s Epoche

The term was popularized in philosophy by Edmund Husserl. Husserl elaborates the notion of ‘phenomenological epoché’ or ‘bracketing’ in Ideas I. Through the systematic procedure of ‘phenomenological reduction’, one is thought to be able to suspend judgment regarding the general or naive philosophical belief in the existence of the external world, and thus examine phenomena as they are originally given to consciousness.[2]

The Phenomenological Reduction

Which of course, naturally leads me to an interview with Bob Dylan (atrocious btw)

And that’s how I roll 🙂


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