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Bin Laden been sodden! From the grave to the cradle.

Finally! And it only took 10 years. In this day of digital tech it just seems amazing that it took this long….Here’s a guy who has been trying to screw us since before 1993 and most definitely since then with … Continue reading

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Theology of Cyberspace — Is Cyberspace ethically and morally neutral or a space for sacred action?

…..So what’s up with Cyberspace, the Net, the Web, Digital Domains, et al???? As a budding old theologian, mystic, and short-haired Yippie [guess we’re calling them Zippies now]. I can’t resist throwing a boulder into the vasty deep of Cyberspace. … Continue reading

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Heart to Heart: A Valentine from the WEB

As we are body, mind and soul it is fascinating to watch the NET evolve to interact with us in the same fashion. Primarily I see and use technology as a servant. What can it do for me? How can … Continue reading

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As I sit home and ponder the week ahead – what to do with the grandkids, how to improve my golf game, what kind of furniture to buy for my new digs -there is a world of hurt outside my … Continue reading

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Wired In – Wireless Out

  So now you have all the tools and tricks to travel the digital highways: A blog, accounts with Twitter, LinkedIn,Quora, Facebook and humorous others, RSS feeds, Creative Commons licences, Google Chrome loaded with every feature, Firefox for backup, mindmaps, … Continue reading

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Reflections on the year — Thoughts for the next

This is my first year back on the Web after a 5 year break. No, I’m not a Luddite; I did check my e-mail and Google News from time to time from a public computer. Having been intensely involved (addicted?) … Continue reading

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A Perfect Storm – Internet Freedom vs. Security

I went to bed last night counting my blessings; one of which is to be living in “the Land of the Free”. I woke up this morning thinking of Kristallnacht and Joseph McCarthy. The Twitter and Blogger spheres are awash … Continue reading

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All Things Connected – Digital Culture

Welcome, I hope you find this blog both valuable and entertaining. This is a place for comments and discussions as I curate links, articles and Tweets about Digital Culture. The focus ranges from the serious: Web/Internet, technology, platforms, net neutrality, … Continue reading

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