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Not too many people can own homes these days, but they can have fairly inexpensive access to their digital house in cyberspace, via mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. And then begins the work of keeping up with the Jones’. It’s … Continue reading

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Digital Identity Mapping is going to be one of the next big tools in our online skill set and there are a lot of issues and questions involved. As we extend ourselves and our identities onto the  the Web, the networks … Continue reading

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Bin Laden been sodden! From the grave to the cradle.

Finally! And it only took 10 years. In this day of digital tech it just seems amazing that it took this long….Here’s a guy who has been trying to screw us since before 1993 and most definitely since then with … Continue reading

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Wired In – Wireless Out

  So now you have all the tools and tricks to travel the digital highways: A blog, accounts with Twitter, LinkedIn,Quora, Facebook and humorous others, RSS feeds, Creative Commons licences, Google Chrome loaded with every feature, Firefox for backup, mindmaps, … Continue reading

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First Things First: Analog vs. Digital

Let’s keep in mind that as humans we are, at least for the moment,  analog beings. Discussions on transhumanism, extropy, and AI’s will be further  down the line. Our identity and sense of self come from the communities in which … Continue reading

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