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With the mad rush to Social Media, personal branding and all the other non-essential madness taking place, be sure YOU don’t get left behind. Unless you’ve got a Paris Hilton complex, your audience should be yourself. Critical and reflective thinking only … Continue reading

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Digital Identity Mapping is going to be one of the next big tools in our online skill set and there are a lot of issues and questions involved. As we extend ourselves and our identities onto the  the Web, the networks … Continue reading

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Heart to Heart: A Valentine from the WEB

As we are body, mind and soul it is fascinating to watch the NET evolve to interact with us in the same fashion. Primarily I see and use technology as a servant. What can it do for me? How can … Continue reading

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7 Tabs to Rule Them All

In the olden days (1993), when I first started on the Web, it was all fairly simple. I signed into AOL and kind of went from there; used Netscape to browse and a few sites and articles from PCMag, etc. … Continue reading

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Point and Click

The Web can be accessed very rapidly and that can be both a delight and a problem. In an age of point and click you can be up and running in no time, e.g. this site. You can get there … Continue reading

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