I’ve been on a digital holiday for a bit more than a month….by holiday I mean I have limited my screen and online activity to no more than one hour a day and have been trying to keep it down to just a half an hour. That includes phone, email, messaging, and any online social media activity. It has been quite refreshing. I feel like I have gotten my head back and am experiencing life again as it used to be before all these digital rabbit holes popped up.

Breakfast at the coffee shop, with friends! Bouncing around town to catch up on various goings on. Lunch, with friends! Very social. Long bike rides just taking in the countryside. All the stuff I used to do when I did not even think about being “connected”, I just was.

And then came 1993 and the standard 10 years of ‘surfing’, etc. And then I took a five year break from the Net. And then I came back and got serious about it as a toolkit for the things I was doing IRL. And then that all sort of got murky and I sort of got murky with it.

So, this has all been about integration for me…Integrating back into society, the world, and then coming back into the Digital World and trying to maintain some kind of personal integrity. I’m back now and generally keeping it to one hour max. Pretty content, I must say.


About nukem777

Happily retired grandpa, interested in Digital Culture, PLN's, and a citizen of the world. Co-host of Inkwell.vue @TheWell
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