Theology of Cyberspace — Is Cyberspace ethically and morally neutral or a space for sacred action?

…..So what’s up with Cyberspace, the Net, the Web, Digital Domains, et al???? As a budding old theologian, mystic, and short-haired Yippie [guess we’re calling them Zippies now]. I can’t resist throwing a boulder into the vasty deep of Cyberspace.

So, it’s all ones and zeros, it’s a digital domain in a digital world, it’s a real space in time and place, so there’s every right to opine on this place metaphysically speaking….Yeah, I know you “can’t get there from here”….but then we haven’t been able to do that since Kant and Kierkegaard…so what’s new….???

For those of you sceptical folks, atheists, and rational scientific types, you’ll never get any of this anyway and I’m not talking to you anyhow…”let the dead bury the dead” so to snay.

But for all you heads of whatever stripe and color, those of you awake, focused – and you better be pissed off about the shape of things now and to come in the next 30 years – Something must be done….”This ain’t no Disco”; this is a world in serious sh*t and trouble….good thing is you need a  compost pile for your garden….and Lord knows we’ve got more than enough to go around and plenty more on the way…

So what’s to do? Hook up, collaborate, dream, envision and go for your piece(s) of the perennial pie….so what if it’s on the NET? It’s all good….actually it’s all better than that…why do you think they call it the ‘gospel’? It’s good news, that’s why… you can hook up with anyone around the world 24/7;  so please do!

I’m here to tell you it’s a holy place, a holy space and it needs men, women, boys and girls of good will to go for their dreams, take their ideas and put them into action….the 12-14 year olds have no trouble with this — they don’t know they cannot do it; so shine on kids….14-24, wake the fu*k up!!! Stop texting and start dreaming and get with your own program….get as far away from television, cable and Facebook and get on with learning how to use this technology….get a life for God’s sake….stop talking just to yourselves and dream a little dream….it’s yours for the taking….the dinosaurs of Capitalism are rapidly sinking into the Tar Pit of their own making….Thank God!…it’s a brand new day and it belongs to YOU….so go for it dudes and dudettes….24-36, you should already be owning your own business, pursuing your own dreams and working for yourselves and not THE MAN;  so more power to you — promote yourselves, ideas and don’t be shy….let other folks help you in anyway they can….toot your horn in cyberspace, people are listening….after all, if anyone is going to turn this old world around it’s you…Theme song from Blind Willie McTell, 1935, Don’t You Let Nobody Turn You Round, but you’ll like Stevie Miller’s version better…35-70, mentor, start another career, get pissed!!! Our grandkids are screwed, do something about it….replace these political clowns at the pig trough….listen to everything Bernie Sanders is saying….if the Founding Fathers were here, trust me the Sons of Liberty and Pioneers and Freedom would not be holding a tea party….they would be burning Washington down to the ground….I’m not advocating that, but it just is simply that bad….our Ship of State is so far off it’s moorings I don’t even know if we can turn it around, and the truth is the enemies of freedom and the people are all these folks and Pacs in Washington…vote ’em out, find people who know and speak their minds, even if they have a different viewpoint than yours, support them, give them some money, get them to Washington by 2012 and let’s turn this place around…..Oh, and let’s all fight to get our Bill of Rights back…..See your so-called representatives and tell them to kill the Patriot Act – God what a misnomer that piece of crap is….when’s the last time you saw a terrorist in your back yard?  Great leapin’ lizards, Sally, NSA and Homeland Security eavesdrop on us all day long, while millions of talented men and women sit home on unemployment and I doubt they have figured out if they don’t start their own business they will never work again – while the country loses all their talent and brain-power….Sick, sick, sick…. Oh, sure, the politicians will throw them a bone – probably some kind of extension just before primary time, but they are lost to our nation as the most important assets we have, and nobody seems to care…..WTF!!!

So the answer to the original question is “it’s whatever we want to make it”…Have a blessed Holy Week, of whatever faith, stripe or color….May God, Gopod, the Great Spirit, Alfred E Newman, or whoever, whatever floats your boat, bless your socks off, protect your loved ones and strengthen and encourage your every hope, dream, prayer and endeavor….Have a blessed weekend…

Yup, you bet, it’s a sacred space, now let’s see some action!!!  Go on now celebrate!

Don’t you feel a change is coming?

Thus endeth the sermon.


About nukem777

Happily retired grandpa, interested in Digital Culture, PLN's, and a citizen of the world. Co-host of Inkwell.vue @TheWell
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