Space Cowboys and Cybernauts in Time and Space

A long, long time ago, in a space and time now, far, far away, before digital, there was a tribe called Space Cowboys. It included cowgirls as well, but the Steve Miller song Space Cowboy from the album Brave New World was pretty much iconic back then and tagged a whole generation of space cadets, people who had ‘tuned in and dropped out’, had integrated Eastern religion into their headscapes and were commonly seen as folks who had their feet on the ground and their heads in an entirely different space. Living in the “now” was not a concept we easily grasped back then, as it requires a firm grasp on Time and many of us were lost in space. The band 10 Years After, with the extraordinary Alvin Lee, captured the essence of that movement in their album A Space in Time. The merging of space and time, not necessarily requiring drugs – there were plenty of ‘natural stones’, people who were in a similar space and time without the use of drugs – and the incorporation of the IChing, Buddhism, Taoism, and, back then, just about any ‘ism pretty much encircled the globe, and music was both the soundtrack and the generator that drove that engine. ***That’s no longer possible with the zillion genres of music in the pipeline today. We were all listening to the same music, all around  the world.

 We had gone from local radio, to national radio, to world radio. The bands came to us on their world tours. And something new  manifested in subcultural movements all around the globe; taking different shapes and directions depending on the locale of the tribe(s). And I use the word ‘manifested’ in the cosmic sense, things made to appear, no longer hidden, brought from those other spaces to this space and time. My grandpa, a noted inventor, was famous within the family for saying he never ‘invented’ anything, he merely ‘uncovered’ what was already there. He also told us all that if he was thinking of a new idea, so were at least 20 other people. (cosmic – brought from another space and time into this space and time – made manifest. Just wanted to be clear about that.

So, zooming ahead 30 or 40 years, we are “here”. And now we have cybernauts – totally different tribe, living in cyberspace . I’m not convinced that the digital space overlaps the space that space cadets travel in. I’d just point out that cyberspace is a notional environment, not real or actual by definition – but you can chime in on that in the comments. Space Cadets would argue that their space and time is quite real. Again, jump in on the comments.

But I am sure that space cadets and cybernauts are not the same animal at all. And I see that mistake being made time and again. Just wanted to clear that up. And that’s not to say that one can’t be both, just to say it requires a firm grasp of self, space and time…and some language skills to properly communicate between the two tribes.

I’ll leave space, time, notional environments, living in the now, and all that for you to work out on your own.  YMMV. Meanwhile….. calling all tribes, calling all space cadets….we’re having a big party in Central Park this October…wanting all the cousins to meet. Be there, or be fractal.


About nukem777

Happily retired grandpa, interested in Digital Culture, PLN's, and a citizen of the world. Co-host of Inkwell.vue @TheWell
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